Narayan Sand Art

Sand Culture Arts

A unique type of art form is developed at Mumbai. But it spreads all over the world. To carve a sand sculpture, the raw material is the only clean and fine-grained sand mixed with water. With the help of this type of sand and with the blessings of God and by the magic of figures, an artist can carve a beautiful and attractive sculpture on the beach.


Nowadays, pupils are acquainted with the stone sculpturing. So stone sculpturing is treated as the first step of sand sculpturing. The carving on sand is easier and quicker than carving on a rigid stone. So it is an easy process of learning the art of carving on the sand . So within a short period of time, a pupil gets a clearcut idea about the carving. Though these sand sculptures are very easily eye-catching and transferable, It is also destroyed easily. That's why the artists don't continue this type of art for a longer period.

With the upliftment of tourism, this wonderful art form receives a high prestige and popularisation. The outcome appreciation of tourists, encourage the artist to do well. Without any motive, these artists have dedicated their lives to the development and popularisation of this art. By their dedicated efforts, they are able to internationalize this art form of Puri.