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Narayan Sahu - Indian sand art

Narayan Sahu is a world-famous Indian sand animation artist and storyteller who use only his fingers to create wonderful stories out of simple sand grains. His incredible videos have been watched and loved by millions of people globally.

From the beginning – Destiny or Passion

Ever since Narayan Sahu was a child, he knew his destiny was tied to the art world, and he experimented with drawing, painting, and canvassing. He believes that the universe is made up of small particles like sand, and hence what better than a natural medium than sand to create anything wonderful and creative.

In his words, he puts it this way "As a child, I was mesmerized by sand and used to draw pictures on the sand and one day during the high tide a wave-lashed and wiped everything. This fascinated me and gradually, I started drawing quickly before the wave could come and wipe off everything. I use to stand and watch until my drawing completely disappeared, realizing that everything is temporary and provisional."

Sand Animation Storyteller and Artist Narayan Sahu

Artist Narayan Sahu demonstrates his unique method of visual storytelling using sand and a light table. With a deft hand and finger movements, Narayan Sahu transforms sand particles into stunning images that convey a visual story. Accompanied by music, this innovative artist and storyteller depict multiple scenes in his chosen medium of sand during his live performances. A few flicks, scoops, shadings, smoothings and shapings transform each previous image into a new visual story canvas.

Narayan Sahu is India's dynamic entertainer, a motivational performer and the best practitioner of "sand-story" thrilling audiences of all ages with his stunning sand art performance. Through a combination of live performance and visual artistry, Bharti maneuvers sand granules into a series of stunning pictures; as the audience watches, he rakes his fingers and morphs one image into another, creating another detailed, striking and inspiring picture thus giving a meaningful show that leaves a lasting impression.

Narayan believes that art reaches human beings on an emotional level, and applying visual arts as a medium to entertain, educate, or persuade is conventional. However, doing so in an innovative and memorable way is the key to capture the minds of people. Indeed, a medium as rare as sand and light conveys a message ensuring that it will be remembered. Employing such remarkable medium with as much skill, freshness, and creativity as Narayan means the audience is bound to enjoy the performance and get inspired through the message.